make money
Money has no value in and of itself.  It is just paper, pieces of metal or numbers in a computer.  So why do we spend most of our lives chasing it?  Because we can trade it for the things we need or want, things like food, shelter or clothing.

In our modern days, the vast majority of people trade their time for money.  They go to work and get a paycheck in return.  There are people who are perfectly happy doing that and who live happy and fulfilled lives.  The vast majority would rather be doing something else or some aspect of employment is outside their control.

The website is about our relationship with money.  How we get it, how we spend it and how we save it.  It is also about how we can gain control of our lives and live it the way we want or give it to causes we support.

We are going to explore some of the ways we can get money:

Business Owner
Real Estate Owner