Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Earn Money Online Without Investment

earn money online without investment

Benefits of making money online 

The Internet is  

Open 24/7 

This means that your earnings potential is not limited to the time you have available nor to the location where you live.  No other job can do that.

Is this for you? 

The vast majority of people who have a regular job will tell you that they would rather not and that the main problem they have is their co-workers.  Fear of change prevents most of them to move away from the greatest source of misery in their lives, the job.  The known, no matter how bad, is better than the unknown.  

The good news is that making a change is not an all or nothing proposition.  You can gradually move towards more independence until you are  ready to cut the cord completely. 

If you are an introvert who couldn't care less about socializing around the water cooler this is a great way to make a living.  That being said, you will be much more successful if you can interact well with others.  You see, to maximize your personal freedom, the goal should be to get other people to work for you. Building, training and motivating a team becomes your main job.  The better you can do this, the more freedom you will gain.

If, on the other hand, you are a highly social creature, working from home might not be for you.  You will at least have to find some way to connect with peers outside your home.  Otherwise, home might start to feel an awful lot like work. 

If you have issues about staying disciplined and motivated or tend to get totally absorbed in your work, this might not be for you either.  Without a boss, there is no one to tell you when to do what. Workaholics might get out of touch with the outside world. 

How can this be done without an investment?

The truth is that it can't.  In fact, you have probably already made some sort investment to get to this point.  You must be owning a computer or have access to one. 

You must have some sort of Internet access. You must have spent some time searching for and finding this page.  All of those things have value. They are what you have invested so far.

Like most other things in life very few things are free, but there are a couple of ways that will get you started without any more investment of time or money.

Pay to Click, Data Entry and Surveys

The biggest advantage of the methods in this category is that the barrier to entry is really low.  Select a program, sign up and you are in business.

I think most of us would chuckle a little and quickly dismiss them as a serious option for making any money.  The payout may be paltry by our American standards, but that is not so everywhere in the world.  There are places where a few cents make the difference between eating and starving.

Besides there is no denying that there is no upfront investment, not even of your time setting up or promote a website or do keyword research, promoting your site or any of that.  Just sign up and go.

It should go without saying to watch out for companies who require any kind of cash investment. 
This is the type of thing you might want to get into if you do not have a lot of time to dedicate to your online business.  You can work as little or as much as you want. 

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing 

The greatest thing about these methods is that, once you have created the content and made sure a steady stream of visitors will find it, the blog or website will continue to earn income for you even while you sleep or go on vacation. The key to earn money online this way is to figure out what people are looking for on the Internet.  Learning keyword and market research are the two keys to success 
in this space. 

You could spend money to get your own domain name and a web hosting account, but it really is not necessary.  What you get for your investment is primarily control and credibility.  A custom domain name is more credible than a Blogger or Wordpress address.  Starting a blog on these platforms is really easy.

HubPages is a great place to start earning income writing articles for money.  You get a great deal of free promotion.  The downside is that you give up some control.  Squidoo writers experienced that when Squidoo was sold to Hubpages.  All of a sudden your income stream disappeared and you had to redo all your articles to fit the Hubpages format.

Adsense is the absolute leader in the market space, but do not overlook some others.  The best affiliate marketing program to get into is Amazon, not because of the great commissions, but because they sell just about everything.


Freelancing may not be for everyone.  The barrier to entry may not seem that high, but it really is. You will be competing worldwide, you may be competing with real experts whose cost of living is far below yours.  In order for you to justify a higher level of pay, your expertise must therefore also be superior. 

If I had to choose between freelancing, providing a service and selling a product, I would without a doubt choose the latter.  Here is why.  The income you can earn freelancing is limited by your skill and the time you have available.  The amount of products you can sell as an affiliate marketer is practically unlimited. The amount of ad space you can sell is unlimited.  It is only limited by the time you put into it and there is a solution even to that, outsourcing.

Freelancing creates some real opportunities to outsource some of the more time consuming task you do everyday such as keyword research and article writing.  Every task, no matter how complex, can be broken down into a set of small steps anyone can do.  Take this to the ultimate and you can sit back and let your online business grow practically on its own.

Some Problems

One significant problem with just about all of these methods is that to actually get paid you have to have earned enough to meet the company's payout threshold.  Yes, you can sign up for all kinds of programs and earn a lot of money, but that doesn't do you any good if it is spread out between a large number of companies each owing you a small amount.  This is a good reason to stick with just a few of the methods, but utilize them to the hilt.


Some programs will ask you to make a monetary investment before you can start earning any money. Don't do it.  They will take you money and give you nothing in return or at least nothing useful.

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