Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Gift Giving

Show Love Without Breaking the Bank

Gift Giving Re-invented

Several times throughout the year, Americans go shopping like there is no tomorrow.  Consumerism has become part of our culture.  With a mountain of useless gifts piling up in attics and basements, no wonder a counter-culture is emerging.

No, it's not a culture of deprivation and doing without.  It's a shift in values, a change in the things that are important.

An emerging trend is to give to charities on behalf of another who gets a symbolic gift from the charity.  Many charities now offer this option.

Another trend is to give things with sentimental value.  It could be a picture collage of a memorable event you have in common.  It could be a homemade item or baked goods or a specialty food item such as a pound of fair trade coffee or chocolate.

Also, let us not forget about the time tested stand-by of fully engaged presence or relief from the daily grind of household chores.

How about experiences?  Go with the person to a favorite play, movie, sporting event or what have you.

Stuff no longer seems to matter as much any more, does it?

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